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WR furniture warehouse Prices are
1- WHOLESALE :- business to business only , not single items to public
2- EX WAREHOUSE not FOB :- prices do not include freight : page B
3- BEFORE DISCOUNTS :- prices are before 2 discounts : page D

Your Final Retail prices should be 3 - 4 times these wholesale prices
after adding Freight , Trucking , Expenses , Taxes and your Profit as you like it

Any item whether from our inventory or custom made carbon copy
from emailed pictures can be manufactured to order as one of TWO grades

which might look exactly alike from far away for end users
but differ a hell of a difference for professionals and dealers

1- ULTRA HIGH GRADE High quality , heavy duty , all narural
timber , ordered by most customers
fine finish especially hidden parts , backside etc
2- STANDARD GRADE Standard quality , Market finish
rarely ordered since not life long
commercial for auctions and middle class, market finish

After choosing your items , email to us ( ) three points
First : codes chosen ( for example N3 ? , P8 ? , Q1? , H3 ? , B6 ? , N7? etc ) +
Second : number of each item ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 5 , 10 or more or as you want it) +
Third : grade ( Ultra high grade unless informed to be standard grade )

WR shall email you a draft of a proforma invoice with PRICES
and discounts to discuss with NO obligation at all from your side
till you finally agree to what you exactly wish as your final order

You can always delete or add any item before the final agreement
or even cancel the whole order if you not like to continue for any reason