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surprise Q 3 - What is the delivery time ?
8 weeks manufacturing + ocean freight

surprise Q 4 - What are the types of wood used ?
SKELETON : massive natural beech
BODY : massive natural pine or oak
VENEERS : Natural root or wood veneers

surprise Q 5 - Do you have a catalogue ?
We have NO printed catalogues
since our inventory is huge & always changing

Print with your color printer
pages 1 , 2 , 3 etc , & A , B , C , D etc
plus enlarged images of chosen items

surprise Q 6 - How is Boulle hand made?
Boulle are masterpieces, handcrafted in a sophisticated technique
carried in the traditions of the French craftsmen as replicas of
André Charles BOULLE items in the years 1642 to 1732

Two plates of Copper and PVC colored in drawings of red and black
are hand cut simultaneously in lovely Boulle shapes , and then
intermingled and inlaid complementary to each other , like a
puzzle in two items but A in B in one item and B in A in the other