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surprise Q 7 - How do you pack the furniture ?

First the furniture is heavily packed in protective cardboard
and then covered by glossy paper and tighted with ropes
Professional packing men then load the container like a puzzle
small items packed between spaces of bigger items or desks
so that the whole order is packed into ONE SOLID MASS
and then fixed by ropes to the walls of the container, and
then wooden blocks are placed at the end embracing the furniture
to the nose of the container if a loose trial order, so that the
furniture can be trucked and shipped safely during ocean freight
even if container tilts during shipment thus 100 % safe


surprise Q 8 - What is the country of origin ?

WR furniture is a private family owned warehouse
owned by an American Family USA citizins
but the warehouse is located in Alexandria Egypt
where there are cheap professional furniture craftsmen
Visits by new customers are welcomed at any time
but must be pre arranged ahead to send a car to your hotel
pick you up , visit the warehouse and return you back