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surprise Q 9 - What is the schedule of payments ?

THE FIRST is a Downpayment due after discussion and agreement
to the Proforma invoice to be sent with all details and discounts,
THE SECOND payment is due after finishing the order , and is due
just before shipment and loading container for ocean freight

surprise Q 10 - Can I insure the furniture ?

THE FIRST is the basic insurance as in your bill of ladings mailed
by FedEx along with invoices , packing lists ,receipts etc
THE SECOND is optional extra paid to an insurance company ,
the international Lloyds charge 2.5 % of cost of furniture

surprise Q 11 - Can I order LCL not FCL ?

LCL ie LESS CONTAINER LOAD are shared thus very very risky
since your order is shipped in a shared container with food ,clothes ...
of other exporters . At the transit Antwerp Belgium it is unloaded
and re distributed to other containers other ships same destinations
but carelessly HEAPED in the new container meaning damage
FCL ie FULL CONTAINER LOAD are private thus 100 % safe
even if loose ie just a small trial order of a few items only
packed as one solid mass for safety even if container tilts